Scientist finally confirm that dogs are the most loyal animals.

Since the beginning of time human beings have praised dogs for their loyalty, however, the evidence was not conclusive. Scientists at the American research centre at Los Angeles, have announced ecstatically that they were able to prove this fact conclusively after an experiment which was conducted in a real setting.

In a South Asian country there exists a special breed of dogs called Neagurs; the Neagurs are divided into two varieties, the lopnup Neagurs, and the rasin Neagurs. The lopnup Neagurs consider the Rasin Neagurs as their superiors and take their lead. These two breeds have been bred in this South Asian country by special breeders that belong to the Firash clan.

Recently scientists transported a large number of lopnups in the leadership of one Rasin from their natural habitat of Bajnup, to another city, and here they were given a task which goes against the nature of dogs. The task assigned to the Neagurs was to attack creatures called InnocentPeople; the task was selected because under normal circumstances any breed of dogs would not attack these harmless creatures. However, under the guidance of Rasin, the Lopnups, mauled the InnocentPeople, proving the amazing breeding skills of the Firash’s, and also the elusive theory that dogs are the most loyal animals.

After the event Rasin was seen wagging its tail in front of the master, the master stroked it, and gave it a big bone, and also promised dog food for all the Lopnups.

Note: To prove the case further, scientists also included a group of noble creatures amongst the Neagurs, these are the noble LopLsi, and ordered them to do the same, however, the LopLsi leaders refused to comply. It is known that LopLsi are independent creatures who do not have a master.

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