Open Letter to PML(N) supporters

If you are one of those PML(N) supporters who support the party because you get direct benefit from elected members of the party I am not talking to you. If you are a supporter who like them have no scruples, I am not talking to you. If you vote for this party because you share Nawaz Sharif’s love for kashmiri daal chawal, I am not talking to you.

If you are not in the categories above, I am talking to you. This party clearly bribed many people to get a favourable result. The issue at hand is not the rigging, it is a culture, and a mind set. This party, if it stays in power, will reinforce this culture, and what is this culture? It is a culture that not only encourages the powerful to exploit the weak, but more importantly allows us to turn our gaze away from these small injustices. If it is condoned at the highest level, it is embraced at all levels below it.

I urge you to separate yourself from this party, and publicly show this, by joining the people who are speaking against this. Do not just sit back, and say to yourself that this is something that happens in our country. It only happens because we allow it. Just for once get off the couch, and help change this system. Change it for the our generations to come, come and show people who are powerful, that we as a people, will not tolerate this anymore.

Like trickle down economics, accountability will trickle down as well, if we can not hold these people accountable, we will not be able hold anyone accountable for their actions. It is not about elections, it is about the corrupt culture that has permeated every facet of our collective life. Stand against this corruption!

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