Hypocrisy of Dawn.com

I was really disappointed by both the article, and the behaviour of Shoaib Turk, who wrote an article titled @An open letter to Imran Khan, from a PTI voter on dawn.com.

Here is the link: Article

I wrote, in my opinion, a very balanced response to his article, which he decided not to post in the comments section. My language was educated, and I was disappointed by his behaviour. There is an unwillingness to share a comment that shows the weakness in ones argument.

I am not going to reproduce the content or the substance of my response, however, I will comment on one aspect. In the very beginning he claims that ‘some of us more sensitive PTI supporters’ .. and then arrogates to right to speak or all the more sensitive PTI supporters. Such a dichotomy  does not exist- the sensitive/insensitive, rational/emotional PTI supporter is an artificial dichotomy you create, and then go on to attribute one world view to the ‘more sensitive’ supporter.

Just wanted to tell Shoaib Turk, and dawn.com that if you have the right to say things, be prepared to share our comments.

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