As I was driving from the protest in Lalik Chowk, I stopped to give way to a Rikshaw, the driver nodded in appreciation, and headed on. The first thought that came to my mind was I should have a PTI flag visible on my car. While we have to continue the peaceful protests we also have to think about the future. In the last few days I have spoken to a lot of Lahorites from the lower and lower middle classes, and realized that although many of them support PTI, there is a large number of individuals who have there loyalties with other parties, and fail to appreciate the reasons that have encouraged the educated classes to passionately rally behind IK’s call. I am convinced that most of the educated youth who stood in lines for hours in the scorching heat of Lahore, were driven by a love for their less privileged compatriots. Yet, these same people get very few opportunities to really connect with people from other social classes. If we cannot show them kindness in our interactions with them we will never be accepted as their well-wishers. So, from this day on I am going to do my part in convincing them. With a PTI flag on my car, and a PTI band on my wrist, I will be a walking talking advertisement for the ideology of this party. A small kindness goes a long way, and I want everyone to attribute my genuine love for my compatriots to PTI.

Be respectful, be honest, be kind to every Pakistani, and let them know it is because you believe in a Pakistan where we are all brothers!

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