Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Burgers!

Source: Awaz e Doast, Mukhtar Masood.

The Burgers:

When the Pakistan movement was in full flow, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, traveled to address the students of Aligarh. Aligarh was the University of the elite at that time. All the burgers – taking artistic license with the term – of Aligarh received him at the train station. When he arrived he was lead to his ‘ride’ to the University, which was a fair distance from the Station. The burgers of Aligarh separated the horses from the carriage, and pulled Jinnah’s carriage all the way to Aligarh.

Just a reminder that burgers were a very integral part of the Pakistan movement. Before you demean their passion today, remember they were once just as passionate for another Leader, too.

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