Protest at Lalik Chowk – “All it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing…”

When I was a little kid I used to play cricket at a neighbor’s house. The younger sibling, who was my age, often received a thrashing. Soon his father started presiding over our cricket matches, and started giving decisions in his favor. Initially I remonstrated in vain, and then I started accepting the biased decisions, and the defeat. In a matter of a few weeks I stopped playing cricket at my neighbor’s house.
What I am saying to PML (N) and MQM, is that “Bitch this aint your abba jee ka ghar. This is my house!

It is disappointing to see people criticizing PTI supporters for this protest. People call us sore losers, they say, “We should accept the mandate that is given by the people.” That is BS. We have no problem in accepting defeat in places we have been defeated, but when there is strong evidence piled against a fair process we refuse to accept defeat there.

The critics, I believe, do not understand our ideology at all. The slogan of change we have rallied behind was not contingent on our winning. Our commitment to changing Pakistan for the better is an absolute, and for us accepting blatant rigging is not an option. These two seats will not bring us into power, we know that, but we are compelled to do the right thing because of our ideology. It is exactly this attitude of accepting corruption that has brought Pakistan where it is today. We promised to be Pakistanis, who will not accept injustice against others or us!

If you have decided to accept this rigging – and you are well aware that there has been rigging – we respect your decision. Respect ours too!



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