Naya Pakistan

A quick response to the oft repeated, and probably, only argument PML (N) supporters give in favor of their choice.

The gist of the argument is that IK has no experience and has not outlined a concrete plan for Naya Pakistan (i.e the resolutions to myriad challenges our country faces.)

Although, that is not true, but for a moment let us assume that it is true:

IK has a very noble sound vision/ideology for Pakistan, and no detailed plan, and no experience. 

We know for sure that PML (N) has experience, and a system, but the important question is what is the vision to which the system is aligned to, and the experience will be deployed to achieve? Again a very cursory look at the party (an in depth reflection would in fact reinforce the insight gained from a cursory look) will reveal that they too have a vision and ideology, and will look something like this: 

PML (N): We want to see our bank balances fatten, and those of our political friends too; we want to quench our appetite for power, humaray sher ko insaani khoon kee aadat parr gayee hai, we will dine on the common man of Pakistan. We know that our vision can result in an angry reaction from the common man, so we will appease him by empty promises and glittery Metro-like projects, he is easily duped (we know from experience).”

The difference between the two parties that ought to be important is not the varying degree of experience, or the lack of concreteness in the proposed system, but the ideologies that are going to determine the intentions of the system! The most important distinction is the ideology, and vision. The system is just a handmaiden of the intentions of the ideology and vision of the parties. PML (N)’s ideology is rotten to the core!

History is replete with examples of the transformative power of noble visions, our Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) had the noblest mission, and Allah gave him taufeeq to overcome all the challenges of implementation. So tomorrow vote for the sounder nobler ideology!

And reflect on this: “Iss PML (N) k sher ko insaan k khoon kee lat lag gayee hai abb yeh humaray liyay safe nahee hai!”

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