PTI passion

Election day is around the corner, and I know for a fact that our youth is passionately supporting IK. However, if we want to affect a change, we need to convince our families to swing their loyalties. At first blush this seems to be an insurmountable challenge, but in the last two days I have come across stories that give me hope, and I have redoubled my efforts to proselytize the laggards in my family.

Only last night I met a young man who had spent a couple of agonizing hours worried to death about IK’s health. The first words he uttered, “yeh banda bohat important hai hamaray liyay.” One of my companions recounted to me the story of this young man’s parents’ conversion to PTI. He had refused food for two consecutive days to convince his father who had been an ardent follower of PML (N). In the end the father, who like others like him had no grounds to support this corrupt party, caved in. He admitted to his son that his loyalty had only historical precedent, and was an untenable position to take once the emotional attachment to PML(N)  was stripped away. This is exactly our challenge, our families have a very misplaced sense of loyalty to these vultures, and we have to make them realize the vacuous nature of this emotional attachment. I urge you all to go as far as this young man, and coerce your elders to vote for PTI.

The second story is about a street hawker who sells lemonade on busy intersection in Shahdara. When we asked him about his voting decision he enthusiastically expressed his belief in PTI; he comes from a small village, and proudly told us that 250 families in his village had taken an oath over the Quran that they would vote for PTI.

Both these individuals, and many more like them, come from very humble origins but they have the sense to vote for our only viable option. They are not literate, but they are more educated than many of us. Use these two days to win support for PTI. Plead, cajole, convince with love and passion. It is our belief and passion, against sheer pigheadedness. There can only be one winner in this tug of war. But remember to behave! People look at us, and pass judgments on IK, so be respectful, yet firm!

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