Leadership risk or failure?

This morning I woke to the news of another political leader getting shot in yet another developing country. The question that comes to ones mind is why does it happen in developing countries only? Words like corruption, poverty, illiteracy and hopelessness in society come to mind. I don’t think it happens due to any of these particular reasons but rather its either risk that leaders take or failure of leadership on the part of the leader.

Lets start with hopelessness. In my opinion, disenfranchisement/hopelessness is not the reason why miscreants/rebels kill these leaders. If it was true then who can challenge the hope that likes of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mujeeb-ur-Rehman gave it to their people. All three had a dream….for two of the three it was to win independence for their countries and for third it was to eradicate discrimination from one of the most developed country of the world. Sadly, all three of them met the same fate as some of the less respected leader like Benazir Bhutto or Rajiv Gandhi. If it was corruption then how come people like Robert Mugabe, Pinochet and Suharto get to die natural death. I can continue to analyze each factor and provide a counter example to refute the claim but its not purpose of my article.

I want to analyze the leadership failures of some of these great leaders. Most of us only know successes of these great leaders but we never reflect on the issues or instances where they may have failed and failed miserably. I believe Gandhi did great things throughout his life and his all famous non-violence movement achieved for Indians what was considered cowardly/docile in those days. Freedom struggles in 19th and 20th century meant war and loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. He decided to go against the conventional wisdom and achieved the same outcome without

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