God Draws Us Forth

Taken from God Draws us Forth

God draws us forth from ourselves, in spite of all our weary excuses, all our subtle turnings away.  In spite of all our selfish urges, all our unhelpful deeds of sorrow, we are called to become what we were truly meant to be.  In spite of all the shameful acts we have wrought upon the living face of Mother Earth, we are called to restore, to heal and to give back what we have taken without right.

But, in spite of Divine Mercy, we fear to render back the trusts we have been given.  And herein lies both our weakness and our strength.  When, in spite of our wrongdoings, we turn back towards the source then, in that moment, we will find God standing by our side, shouldering the weary burdens of life for us.

We are called by God to be more than we currently are – to become what we truly are.  And in the hope-filled mercy of this call do I place my own heart, my own life and all that I may ever become.

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