Why so Nostalgic??

In the last two years I have noticed that I have started watching a lot of PTV dramas of old .. I guess thanks to youtube. Reading about the earlier immigrants to the Western lands, one always reads about the importance of the VCR; every family would boast a growing collection of PTV dramas and watching them had almost become a ritual. In the face of increasing popularity of Bollywood, or even immigrants developing a taste for indigenous media offerings, this ritual lost its’ importance. But I feel a whole new generation of immigrants (mostly young professionals) has started watching these dramas on youtube, now .. whereas earlier it was a family ritual, now it is confined to individual consumption .. and I can’t help but ask: Why so Nostalgic??

p.s Immigrant Muslims hardly enjoy the star plus junk and have a taste for the more sophisticated PTV dramas Ankahi, Tanhaiyyan, Aangan Tehra, Waris etc.

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