Tawakul in Allah

For now I will write a very brief account of last night, a longer account must wait.

AlhamduLillah, Allah constantly reminds us of His power and the benefits of putting our trust in Him.

Last night I journeyed from London to Birmingham for the Mawlid at the Ghamkol Sharif Mosque. I traveled with an 18 year old cousin, who had joined me from Worcester to go to the event. We got to the mosque at 9pm, with the intention of returning to Worcester on the last train at 11pm. As often happens, the event continued on after 11pm, and that point I was caught between two choices, leaving for Worcester on the last train and missing Shaykh Hamza’s talk or staying, which would mean killing time on the roads of Birmingham until 5:30am to catch the first train back to Worcester, where my cousin lives.

I am getting old, back in the day I would have stayed not worrying about what would happen later, but this time around, I really did not want to kill 5 hrs waiting for a train, with no place to go. My cousin refused to go and insisted that we stay, and leaving the getting back to Allah. I capitulated, and  I am glad I did. The rest of the event was amazing. In the end Shaykh Hamza stayed behind to shake hands with everyone who waited behind for such an opportunity. Allah bless him, it must have taken an hour but he stood there with a smile on his face.

After the event we walked out thinking about what we would do next, when we spotted somebody from Worcester, on asking they willingly offered to give us a lift. And we got home in comfort.

My young cousin taught me a lesson that sometimes I forget, that placing our trust in Allah always works out (as somebody says to me: We are in good hands), in this instance, the benefits were clear to see, the barakah of the event, and the ease with which He got us home; in others, when we have to go through some physical discomfort should not make us think that divine help is missing, because often in these discomforting experiences there are so many benefits.

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