The disappearance of fireflies

I have no idea why I am posting on this subject. In a recent conversation a friend mentioned that when he was young he often used to play with fireflies in the summer, but now they do not seem to appear. I did a quick search on wiki and found out why. Basically, the light is a mating call, but in the presence of artificial light the fireflies get all confused and the chemical reaction that produces the light stops, as a result they do not mate and their population has dwindled.

Back in the day I remember in the summer, even outside our big house only one light used to be switched on, in addition, the streets were not lined with so many lights and lights from cars used to be few. Soon after Maghrib time, we could easily spot fireflies and would often run after them. I remember catching a few and using a glass jar to construct a nature-powered torch.

Many of my younger cousins have not even seen fireflies! For those interested, I am told that even today in some parts of Lahore fireflies can be found – Aitchison College, and Jinnah Gardens.

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