Yet another Aitchisonian

The reasons for including this person are not clear to me. On the one hand, he is not as clearly an Anti-Aitchisonian as some of the others chronicled here, yet, he is also not of the other camp. In the past my opinion about this individual has ranged between a measured approval and harsh chastisement. Writing about him, is in a way, an apology; it is me reaching out and telling him that even though some facets of his personality are not appreciated, he is considered to be of our camp, rather than the enemy camp.

Anyways, in my opinion, he is somebody who has always been too concerned about what others have to say about him; for this reason he has always tried to mingle in as many different circle as is possible: the purpose, a surface analysis would claim, was social legitimacy (a deeper analysis will show that it is out of curiosity that he always gets into such diverse sets of people, it also shows a sense of uneasiness with ones true identity, that will often lead to such experimentation); getting into as many popular groups as possible. Owing to this reason he failed to connect with his inherent abilities and even to this day suffers from this problem – though today, things are much better. So, back in the day he was very much part of the nerdy crowd (kids whose parents were professionals), at the same time he was part of the bad boys – not as an active player, but a passive participant; same was the case in the nerdy crowd, because he himself was not academically brilliant; the one field in which he did have tremendous abilities was sports, he was an excellent sportsman. Much later he became part of the ‘in’ crowd at University, this consisted of those who were able to get into any party because of the girls in their group and generally, were the hip crowd in his Uni.

But I do not want to talk about why I cannot easily call him one of us (the most obvious trait is his obsession with the high status lifestyle), but more about why I cannot call him not from us.  He is from us because inspite of his forays into different circles, his heart is with our lot. He may have other friends but the friends he values most belong to the camp of the Anti-Aitchison. Whenever an important decision in life has to be made, he will call up one of the ‘A team’; he misses Baba the most, out of all his friends.

He is like us, but he is not aware. He does not enjoy being with fake people, but he doesnt know it. He does not really care about, how much money he makes, but about what he is doing – this he knows; he is passionate about his profession and I feel he is doing a very amazing job!

In short, the purpose of writing this little piece is to present this issue of identity as a complex issue. It is not straightforward and people are not easily categorizable, in most cases. There is immense potential but it is untapped. The purpose of this piece is as much an apology to my friend, for at times I have expressed my feelings about some of the ‘wannabe’ things he has done, as it is a confession of a longstanding desire for his complete conversion. 🙂

I have deliberately not made any references to the identity of this friend, except for one. I hope only he recognizes, this is him. If any other person does, do not take names.

And, finally, bro I hope you will not get offended by my frankness.

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