I am IT – I have the job, the chick and I have friends, too

I am twenty something and I am IT.

I am where you want to be, look at me, I am awesome.

I went to the best school in Lahore, and made the right kind of friends – sons of Doctors, lawyers, bankers, industrialists: people who mattered. We all graduated and our fathers were too willing to let loose the money they had hoarded over the years. This was why they worked so hard, so finally, their son could get a degree from the WEST and bring all the respect our society is so willing to heap on parents whose kids study abroad. I had a blast in the US, I was truly initiated into the good life, my provincial mind set was broken and I was a liberated, modern man – who was capable of transcending concerns about family and community, and focusing on his own needs. I was taught how to live it up.

Then I decided to return to show people how to live. Pakistan is just so plain boring, unless, you are in the right crowd – that I am.

I landed a good job in a bank. I have a chick. And I live it up.

I get up in the morning and work at this amazing bank. I dont do much there, but work is work, right. As long as they send me the monthly cheque, keep my dad off my back, and draw appreciative nods from uncles when my father tells them where I work – I do not care about the work.

After work I head out for a GT, it is either in one of the funky coffee shops, or at a friend’s house. We have a few exciting rounds of FIFA, and then our chicks come over Often we go out and eat, but in any case we have very interesting conversations about the latest movies, the football matches or just goof around.

I do not particularly like my friends, but what else is there to do. As long as they are willing to enjoy the good life, I am in.

Then I go home and talk to my chick for a bit before dosing off. She is awesome, she knows all the gossip about all the other relationships, and we often talk about them; she is really trendy – I feel great hanging out with her, everyone knows I am IT because I have her.

The weekends are the best though. I get up late, after our late sessions, we just have to let our hair down, you know, after the tough week, we need to relax and these days ‘relaxants’ are easy to get. My chick is so cool, she doesn’t mind. She knows I need it. I have to make some sense of my life, and I think these things help me stay stable.

Anyways, after getting up, I normally head out for six V six football match. We are real competitors and put everything in it. It is important to win. After football, it is more chilling. Or may be will rent out a movie or watch a few episodes of LOST or 24. We really enjoy it, we take movies seriously, no one talks – who needs to listen to friend’s stupid comments when these amazing celebrities are providing such entertainment. I feel these long hours of watching movies, have forged such strong bonds. I mean we dont know much about each other, and we dont want to know, these movies and celebrities at least provide topics of conversation.

I know, you must be awed by our capacity to enjoy, and our limitless energies. But man you have to be equal to such a lifestyle – only a man can do it. Forgetting about the stupidity and meaninglessness of our work, and social life – and just focusing on doing it right. You need a sense of purpose and dedication. Lesser men choose not to live such a fake life, but man I am IT.

Anyways, I have gone about this for way too long. I need to get back on the phone to my chick, she is very worried about the latest haircut she has had, she thinks it makes her look less than perfect. I mean it is such an important issue in her life, she needs my support more than ever.


Twentysomething from Lahore, who is IT.

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One Response to I am IT – I have the job, the chick and I have friends, too

  1. azhar says:

    Would love to see what the lives of 30 somethings IT guys are in Lahore according to your twisted mind 😉

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