With apologies to those who love their cars ..

I found this paragraph (Mols in Identity and the Sacred) very appropriate to our times.

“Once upon a time there was a country that was ruled by a god named Car. In the beginning it did not amount to much. Then it came to pass that out of Dearborn, Michigan, there came a man who took Car and said, “Let there be mass production” and slowly Car took over the country. Car temples were built , car stables were put up and special stores sprang up where people could go and buy gifts for Car. Weekends became ritualistic: On Sunday the people would wash the Car gently with soap and on Sunday they would pet it with soft rag to remove any stray dust and ride around the countryside. Car ruled the country for many years, demanding annual sacrifices of several thousand people and keeping most of the people in a downtrodden state as the people tried to meet financial pledges they had made to Car”

This description as applicable to many other goods today; we have surrounded ourselves with a plethora of objects we revere and love, this leaves little time, energy, love, money etc. to devote to our Lord.

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