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The few of you who do visit this blog must be wondering about the lukewarm posts, you need not worry, I am back.

I will celebrate my return to form with another Aitchison bashing: I love it, I hate it, it is a part of me and I must lash out at this part of me .. catharsis.. by rejecting those aspects I do not like I am able to affirm those that I like ..

I want to talk about the spineless Aitchisonian this institute has spawned in the last decade or so – and I am one of them. The criticism leveled at Aitchisonians here, is first and foremost, directed to myself, I suffer from all these afflictions; most of the time I cannot fight them, but on rare occasions I see them for what they are. This is such a moment. Aitchison raises the bar for us, it is a launching pad that launches us into a space where we can be part of the ruling elite of our glorious country. The bankers, the IT guys, the bureaucrats, the lawyers, the doctors and the engineers – the backbone of this country – we deserve respect!!

With these possibilities why should we risk treading onto untested roads; why should we take the road less traveled, although, deep down we know that will make all the difference. (Robert Frost)

We are forever looking towards the US and UK, for a more comfortable life. But what about a meaningful life??? What about making things better in Pakistan. What about giving .. what about responsibilities and not about bloody rights.

Why do I blame Aitchison?

Well, because it fails to produce Men. It is churning out pseudo men, who cannot bloody make a decision, who are incapable of standing for the truth, because that would mean loosing so much. Who have no passion. Who are incapable of thinking beyond their selfish needs, not realizing that they would never be satisfied by pursuing such selfish ends.

I recall an incident from my last year in Aitchison that explains what I mean.

I was in my final year, one of our teachers did not arrive for the class and a substitute teacher took his place. The substitute teacher was known for being an idiot, and as soon as he entered, a student instinctively cried out in disappointment, ‘Ohh Shit’ (or something like that). This teacher made us all stand in class and then he started cussing us, saying how we did not have the ‘two round ones’ and were weaklings etc; No one, including the sixteen prefects, uttered a word and he went on. One person in our class decided he had had too much and he sat down. An argument with the teacher followed, where this guy refused to stand, because he had not done it, and he wasnt going to tell who had. This friend of mine was suspended, and yet no other person in the class – barring two – did anything about it. Why? because there was too much to loose.

What we lack is passion for meaningful things – what we have is passion for trivial things.

And men who are like that are just plain boring and are bored of life. Life with them is just a drag .. bereft of satisfaction; reminds me of the cave parable in Platos republic, how sad to have an understanding of life which is mediated by what men have produced, and not a direct connection with the world. TV, stuff, vacations, chilling sessions become our life .. artificial ..

I met a young Aitchisonian recently, and he said to me, ‘Lahore is so boring’. I lost it, and gave him a piece of my mind – because it is not that Lahore is boring, it is that you are boring, fake, shallow, lost, without direction, without intellect, without creativity, without maturity …..

Befriend those who have the spark of life ..

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7 Responses to Aitchison and random stuff

  1. bilal says:

    Well, I totally agree to you have written sir, this is exactly what Aitchison is like; I have never heard that aitchison produced a marvellous TEAM. Aitchison has always produced SLEFISH ONE MAN SHOW leaders.
    I am about to leave aitchison, it gave me a lot more than I could ever think. But it taught me how I could get away from my mistakes or that I should not make a mistake in the first place but it never taught me how I should face or counter my mistakes.
    And they do not make you feel ashamed of your mistakes, they would rather make you rebel, and urge the feeling of resentment inside you.
    Aitchison produces Champions through individual competitions. ..and the winners and losers are biter rivals rather than just being the players of the game or the participants.
    It does what is good for itself or for its reputation, not for the people who make it what it is .

  2. Some1 says:

    Very True!!!!!
    With the last days at aitchison nearing, i feel my love for the place turning into a sad hopeless feeling of having lost a lot. The nostalgic memories of the good times are being overweighed by the very events mentioned in the above post. The “hand” of Aitchison at work; the unfair decisions, the selfishness of the boys, the immature staff and alas the biggest hand of all, the Prince himself. Shamim Khan has ruined the tradition and the charm of Aitchison along with ruining the lives of many boys. I cannot think of one good thing that he did to Aitchison. And then, to add to the list, the Major Problem, perhaps the most immature person i have ever met in my life. This gentleman, has engrossed his life too deeply with his job as the Housemaster of Kelly as a result of which we see outright favouritism for the boys at Kelly. He would not only promote his boys but go to the extent of ruiining the other boys in competition with his. This behaviour is very uncharachteristic of a staff member.

    Though, i feel myself quite distanced from the authorities at Aitchison, i find it hard to deny that i love the place itself more than my home.

  3. dilsenomad says:

    Thankyou for your comments.

    I can relate to what you are saying: I love it and I hate it!
    But honestly I do not love it because anything I gained from the institutional space, but from the wider space of friends.

    As you said the kind of competition it nurtures, the favouritism at times and just a general narrowing of horizon – upending the traditional meaning of a good education – is just sad.

    My advice would be do not let these petty things reduce you to little children quarelling over a candy, in the school yard. Go out and explore you own horizons, define your own goals … not what society imposes on you; we have enough doctors, engineers and the like .. we need more travellers, poets, humorists, journalists, adventurers ..

  4. completelyreversed says:

    I look back and Qureshi days were just out right fun. We had our times but Adnan come on we did stick together, people did not rat other people, nerds, jocks and bullies alike. They just settled it among themselves.

    Pre-Med first year I hit the chem teacher with a rubber band stingger with a push pin in it (what an absolute idiotic thing to do now that I think about it). The whole class got canned because, no one would tell who the culprit was. 🙂

    Point being from the frailest of the kids (Hisham Saddiqui or I think I should say Dr. Hisham :-)) had the kahunas to stick

    Fast forward a 8 years to my youger brothers time, (Ali Malik, probably more notorious than I ever was) and too many “chusso’s” (I do not know if the term still exist in AC.) but still the sense of some compatriotism some how was prevailing.

    Fast forward 12 years to my youngest brother and according to his stories there is nothing left but aba, ami culture and too many apple polishers but no culture its same old as any other school.

  5. dilsenomad says:

    Azhar, I think you got me wrong. The incident was not meant to show that we had chussos. My thrust was that as individuals we were weak. For instance, the incident related above, shows that because the punishment was so paltry, ‘verbal abuse only’, so most of us decided not to stand up. I think mainly because it was the HSc class .. we need to be in the good books to get into the IVY leagues, remember.

    On the other hand the Inter guys did not care too much about these things, they were more prepared to stand up for themselves.

  6. completelyreversed says:

    The problem is Aitchison is churning out too many of those elusive elite, bankers, lawyers, etc…

    Adnan regardless of the academics or culture when you bring up individuals as kids who are prone to favoritism, just to get a good recommendation, or the spineless ones who cannot say anything because they need to get to that so elusive IVY wall on east coast than you are getting what you deserve.

    Individuals with absolutely no power to stand up to do anything.

    They will always bow to the peer culture, be it aiding a dictator or staying in US / England because they have seen the IVY walls for 8 long years and there is no place in Pakistan that can hold their egos or fill their pockets fast enough. And why should they not think like that, they have done everything according to the popular culture from their childhood why would they change now.

    My point being every one does not have what it takes to defy the popular culture and mold themselves, some times it comes by luck and some times from family and friends. Its just that it came from family and friends a lot more back in our days, thats all.

  7. dilsenomad says:


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