Life an Analogy – Episode II

Without preamble I will continue where I stopped …

So, now that I have spoken at length about the different kinds of trains that are waiting on the platforms, I will speak about the second most important question of all: Do I travel alone? If not then whom should I take as a companion? This question is extremely important, especially for Muslims and Pakistanis because for us getting rid of a companion is next to impossible.

Drawing from the previous post, there are many options, lets go through them one at a time.

You know what train you want, and you want to get on it ASAP. Now, waiting on the platform is not an option, so you either get the station master (parents) to fix you up with another (opposite gender) traveler who wants to get on the train you want to get on. This was the option taken in the good old days, people used to be paired and put on the train, on the way they would get used to each other and in most cases, also fonder of each other. This is a good situation to be in.

Second, you are one of those who are choosy about who you travel with, so you have these conditions that the person has to fulfill, yet, you do not want to wait on the platform. So you just get on the train and hope to meet somebody on the train. This is good because you are at least on the train, right, but the flip side is it may take a while finding a suitable companion. You spend a lot of your time looking for one, and at times forget about the journey or the beautiful places you are passing through. Well, if you are in the category, like myself, then best of luck .. the going is going to be tough but at least you are getting somewhere. Their is a flip side though, at times, you meet somebody on the train, get talking and think to yourself, “this is the one”; later things do not work and you are totally dejected. The worst case is that you get so dejected that you jump ship, altogether, and take the first train back to the platform, to either get the station master to hook you up, or just look for a worthy companion, irrespective of where the person is going. You just want company and you tag along.

Now, lets come to the more interesting situations, what if, you have no idea where you want go, but you are hell bent on finding a companion you will love to travel with. Well then you either walk around the platforms, or get on random trains to meet such a person. In many cases it takes you years to find somebody like that, but in a few cases you do en dup meeting such a person; then again one possibility is that that person has already got a companion (that is the worst kind of feeling .. really) and the other is that person is free. In the first you are done for, in the second both of you are so engrossed in enjoying the camaraderie that you get on a random train, thinking ohh, well that doesnt matter.

Reality kicks in, a few miles down, you realize you did not want to be on this train, and the other person does – mate in that situation you are in for a long, miserable journey. So it is very important I think that you ascertain your own preferences, you should think about the destination before you choose a companion .. this is imperative!!

Most of us miserable because we have not given this aspect thought. My experience has taught me that for most of the human beings, in the long run, the destination matters most, although at times they think it doesnt matter. My advice is that please always think about the destination, else you will ruin somebody elses life by embarking on a journey with that person and taking them on a journey they dont want to be on. For a while the entertainment system in the train will keep you busy, but friends sooner or later, the realization will come and the realization that you are on the wrong train and cant do anything about it, will extinguish the inner light!

Before I conclude a final note of caution .. never try to convince an individual, with a reserved ticket with somebody else, to travel with you .. even if you are the best companion they can have and you aspire for the same destination: do not get into that! It is very difficult to back out of a reservation, the penalties are set high and in the end you are heartbroken.


Please do comment, I probably have missed many cases and misinterpreted many situations.


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