Do you dream my dreams?

An interesting thing about dreams is that every individual is supposed to have a unique dream, right?

Today, we are facing extreme massification of individuals – our clothes, our pass times, our world views and even our dreams are the same. For a few this may seem a good state of affairs, but I find such a situation quite disturbing. As human beings we have this inherent urge to be unique, we want to be defined by our own individuality; back in school I remember the coolest kids were those who had the ‘attitude’ – these individuals were truly unique. And I wanted to be unique in my own way. Being unique was my dream.

Now, cool is defined by what you own – it has been disconnected from who you are – and now, everyone dreams of having certain accessories: ipod, nike shoes, gap hoodies, etc. and that they think will make them unique.

This is a sad state of affairs, we have truly lost creativity and individuality to an extent that even our dreams wont be able to define our individuality.


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One Response to Do you dream my dreams?

  1. azhar says:

    Jone’s have it, syndrome has become so prevalent in today’s society that no one stops to think about it. We have turned ourselves into nothing but just another set of variable data. (As a marketer I love it, as a closet socialist I hate it.)

    I agree the uniqueness of a dream comes with variable data defined now a days. Here is a common template

    1. Driving a great (car = variable data, could be a benz or bentley, also color, make , model once decided variable data that can give an illusion of personalization.)

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