But Television is educational …

Please forgive the harshness in my tone; I have to say this, because softer words have not worked thus far. Please all of you out there who think TV is educational, stop saying this, it makes you look quite ordinary. You belie your intelligence by constantly repeating this mantra, who are you trying to convince??

Honestly, I can compile a long list of names of all the individuals who have said this to me, many of them highly educated, but all I see is, a massive number of individuals justifying an addiction. It is like I justify weed by saying, “It is so educational, the profoundest thoughts, just short of epiphanies, have come to me while under the influence of this substance”. No, one will listen to me. Why? Where is your evidence?

In the case of TV, not knowing about all the research that has been done on its’ effects on the human mind, is not an excuse. In fact, I think most of you decide not to read about any well researched criticism, because you hate the idea of quitting.

If you really want to find out .. switch off your TV, go get books on the subject and read. Or be honest to yourself, compare your TV watch time of junk, to your watch time of something remotely educational on TV (And news is not educational).

Call a spade a spade .. TV is a distraction, at best entertainment; I say so are other ‘drugs’. Have the courage to admit you are addicted and cannot quit.

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3 Responses to But Television is educational …

  1. tropicana says:

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  2. azhar says:

    I packed up my entertainment stuff (my tv, 360, wii & ps3) 6 months ago to notice any change in my daily habits. 6 months later I know how to Salsa (rather than watching dancing with stars). Personally I think TV was effecting my imagination. I have been addicted to reading all my life building those stories and images in my head and I did not like the fact that the list of my imaginary friends was decreasing very fast šŸ˜‰

  3. dilsenomad says:

    I can second that .. but honestly, all that beating from our teachers for these imaginary friends .. they must be great guys!!

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