Living life .. not just getting by

I had promised myself that I would not post anything else tonight, but as often happens, man can only propose. I chanced upon this excellent article once more, and had no choice but to post.

These words are for me before for any of you. I have spent half of my leisure time sitting in front of the television screen, and another quarter playing games, chatting, browsing useless websites etc; and when I read an article like this one I regret not doing something better with my time.

Most of us live sterile lives, engaged with virtual reality more than anything else; for most of us today our petty little problems have mutated into mountains of worry, and we fret about them all day (a look at Iraq should have a sobering effect and should induce shukr for the relative peace that prevails in our land). Just read this article .. and see how earlier, challenges were really that – challenges; but even then many individuals lived life with relish … The life of William Williamson gives us a glimpse into the past .. in this day and age traveling has become artificial: get in plane, land in a stupid hotel, visit the famous building, enjoy the nightlife, ohh dont forget the local cuisine and then shoot off; this my friend is not traveling, this is pseudo traveling …. In any case I will go on ranting about this and how things have become more artificial ..

Read about, William Williamson, he traveled all over the world, and tried his hand at different trades; eventually, ended up in Muslim lands where he became a Muslim and then a successfull trader.

Read the story of this amazing man: Full Story

Then tell me if you feel the banality of urban mega city life …. If you do not then, honestly, my advice would be stop eating the broiler chicken and you will SEE and your adventurous side will force you into unplanned treks accross our beautiful country .. believe me it is the ‘broiler’ chicken that is domesticating us, completely (My friend Abdul Rehman is convinces it is broiler chicken).

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2 Responses to Living life .. not just getting by

  1. don't worry says:

    you have written posts on how tv is bad and yet you sat in front of the tv. Are you a hypocrite

  2. dilsenomad says:

    That was in the past, until I was enlightened 🙂

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