Life – an analogy

I was advising a loved one on what to do in a delicate matter when I used the analogy of a journey. You may find it useful, then again you could consider it a complete waste of time ..

Imagine standing at a train station with the intention of embarking on a journey. There are two possibilities: 1. You know where you want to go 2. You have no idea. Now you are surrounded by trains destined for different destinations, all trains are not alike, some are very basic, others luxurious, with amongst other amenities, a state of the art entertainment system. What do you do??

Well if you have given it serious thought, studied all the promotional material for the destinations, and therefore have made an informed decision, your task is easy, you purchase a ticket for the desired destination and get ready for the journey ahead.

On the other hand, the situation is not that simple if you have done no research whatsoever, and have no clue. What do you do? Well, you look around. As is expected today, the best advertisement team is for the most luxurious trains, they have very educated – but greedy and unscrupulous – individuals working for them, these people have sussed you out and have these amazingly glossy, flashy banners all over the place talking about how great their train is and how much fun it is traveling on it (they purposefully, leave out any information about the destination); their banners are adorned with pictures of ecstatic individuals, and it seems they really enjoyed the journey.

Like many others you will try to get on those trains. If you cannot afford it, and have some skills you can work part time on the train and that will cover the expenses of your journey; if you have no skills you will just sit on the platform gawking at those who embark the train and wish you were them.

That is only part of the story there is more to it, what happens when you are on the train. Well, initially, you love it – as I said earlier, the train has all this singing and dancing, amazing stuff that you can purchase while on the train and show off to others, so you are really having a good time. But sometimes you get concerned about where you are going – does not happen often, because there is always some fun stuff going on – you go and speak to some of the other passengers on the train, they tell you, you are just depressed all you need is one of those fancy new toy cars the steward displayed the other day; or at times you just sit back to watch a movie to calm yourself.

A few individuals are able to see through this fanfare and realize that the train is going nowhere; this conclusion can also be the result of a chance meeting with a passenger from a different train, at one of the stops the train makes. These individuals decide to jump ship. At the next possible station they just get off and go out in search of the train that is going somewhere.

So, are you getting off at the next stop???

Life an analogy part 2

Please leave comments, if people find this useful, I will write some more on this analogy.



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13 Responses to Life – an analogy

  1. Jersey says:

    I am not sure which train to use right now. I am just staying for a while at this particular stop, seeing where people are going, asking why they are going there, and why they prefer a certain train, usually a more luxurious one, to a more basic one that is still comfortable yet gets you there maybe faster, maybe not.

    Sometimes we need to stay at the stop for a little while to reflect and relax before taking the next train.

  2. wandai says:

    I was thinking while i was reading the article. For me, though i have no clear idea of where i was going, i will not hop in the luxurious trains, as they seems to be a bit extravaganza.

    I have no clear definition of where i am going, but i believe i’m on a journey. And hopping from trains to trains is not a bad idea~

  3. dilsenomad says:

    I think staying at the station and thinking before you get on is a good idea. May you meet interesting people. And may be people who have made interesting journeys before and are back to help other people choose the right train….

    I have often gotten off the train and wandered a bit, but thank God I have always boarded trains to the only destination worth going towards – Allah.

  4. ian says:

    I’ve been on this journey for quite some time and it it has been a very interesting one so far, it did did get very bumpy for a while but we hung in.
    Now to recent times and your question.

    Religion was part of our lives in the early “learning ” years, now that has changed, we watched in awe at how two groups of supposedly god fearing people tried their best to stub one and other out in Ireland.
    Then 9/11! The Islamic ugly head popped up on the horizon.
    The proverbial hit the fan then eh? Most of us peace loving folks think that was the end of the good times and the beginning of the bad.The luxury trains are being slowed down and that maybe good, you state that all the people on that train are bad.. WRONG. They had a choice of trains and they chose that one , they then had to live with their decision and adjust accordingly. Many of our Rich(money and life) friends have real heart and true beliefs not twisted by some mythical being that some call Mohamed.

    When I pray I do so privately, not in lavish Mosques built with poor peoples money ( just as the Christians did)

    Imams !! : If there is/ were a god he would strike these hate mongering MEN down first, (KILL ALL INFIDELS) then he would send special trains like the ones in Nazi Germany and ship all the other misguided people off to places were they may learn to live peacefully among other dwellers on this planets trains.
    I guess you have heard the word “Karma”? My life these last few years has been good as far as my Karma is concerned but recently it took a bad hit… when I read that your Islamic extremists had stooped as low as any thing could stoop ..mentally retarded WOMEN used to kill parrots mice & many innocent Human beings!
    I believe the train is now stopping , some will get off willingly , some will probably be pushed off, I will put my karma on hold for a while, then when the train is “cleansed” I’ll try again.
    All religion should be banned.. extreme? your dam right

    Love your friends and family not some mythical object

  5. dilsenomad says:

    Ian, Thankyou for your comments.
    I acknowledge that what I have written inadequately conveys my understanding of life, that is exactly why I will continue writing on this theme.

    Before I write a long one again I wanted to clarify some points – although I failed to convey this, but I actually do not believe that all people on the luxurious trains are bad; there are many luxurious trains and some actually have a noble destination; many secular people are very amazing individuals, and many of my friends are like that – I totally respect the choices they have made.

    And also one more thing, you have done injustice to all the religious people out there by basing your opinion of them on the actions of a handful. Just as I would be unjust painting all secular people with the same brush, I will claim the same injustice on your part.

    The blame for their angry actions cannot be thrust on the shoulders of religion – many secular people have committed atrocious acts.

    I really appreciate your visiting my blog and I hope you will continue and my words will not offend but contribute to a mutual understanding of respect for the belief of at least those individuals who carry a message of religion full of peace and love.

    Until a longer post on the Analogy … best wishes.

  6. Shideh says:

    Very interesting analogy!
    it reminds of how things are purposely designed here in the U.S. like your analogy for a fancy train. It’s as if the whole system is dragging you to a superficial state where you just need to worry about credit card bills, buying new clothes, following the fashion, home mortgage, or “toys” as you put it and pay no attention to what your government is doing across the border to provide you with those toys. keep playing and don’t ask questions as to where this train is really going. There is freedom of speech on the surface, but no one who wants to speak.

  7. dilsenomad says:

    I think you have made excellent use of the analogy.
    From the beginning I did not want this analogy to be interpreted in religious terms only, the issues you mentioned were foremost in my mind when writing.

    The whole media blitz can be blamed for being the most harmful element, people just spend their lives following sports, soap operas and the like.

    Where is this consumer culture taking us??

  8. muhammadrk says:

    Uni Culture.
    Super Consumer Market.
    FTV Pakistan.
    MTV Pakistan.

  9. dilsenomad says:

    True that bro. Who is going to stand up for an alternate cultural paradigm, if not you!

  10. azhar says:

    I know i am on a bullet train, which is on the collision course with the luxury train, i know i have to pull the chain, i see the chain, I don’t know how to pull the chain, i see the stop coming, i see the stop go, I know I have to jump off my train, I tell myself the next stop it is, I miss it again, I see it pass by yet again, the cycle continues.

    If you know how to pull the chain before the collision I am all ears even among the fanfare.

  11. dilsenomad says:

    Well … pulling the chain is at times hard. You may have to jump off .. old indian movie style .. honestly, like they used to do, if the fragile heroin used to jump, conveniently into piles of hay or something. You wait for such a pile and just jump .. take the hit .. hopefully, you will be able to stand up, again.

    Reading Nietzsche .. weird.

  12. azhar says:

    Nietzsche is a hard read man, Anything specific? Try , beyond good and evil, if you get your hands on it.

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