Who I are ..

I am pleased to announce that half a dozen friends of mine have agreed to, and some of them have already started contributing to the blog; a few have been coerced, and I am working on the funny man, ibn battuta and the eccentric maulvi. We have quite an eclectic mix now:

A historian, with expertise on the History of South East Asia.

Another historian/book critic.

A budding journalist who fares from the US.

A poet and literary critic from Pakistan.

A friend who is studying in Syria.

A funny man.

A dude from San Fran.

A very eccentric, traditional, with streaks of modern maulvi.

An IT guy, who was only allowed in, because he is unlike any other IT guy I have met.

Another IT guy, who was allowed in because he is Ibn Battuta at heart.

And a jack of all .. that is me.

Lets hope they start writing stuff regularly.

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