A brothers meeting with Shaykh Abdal Hakim Winters

I read this a while back and wanted to post it here so others could enjoy it too …

I love Shaykh Abdal hakim Murad, may Allah give him ease and bless him.

Enjoy ..

Saturday, January 15, 2005

‘A meeting with the remarkable Tim Winter otherwise known Sh Abdal Hakim Murad’Salams To All!

mmm raining carts & dogs would you believe, with oodles of fog in Saudi Arabia!

can’t make to Yemen as hoped for Eid-Al Adha, due to the destiny of the Beloved, I was unable to get the required paperwork to organize an exit-visa, in any case 6 days for Yemen is not doing it justice. She awaits another time. Godwilling!

So off to Yami(tribe) territory ie Najran I go, rock art a plenty there, a world heritage site I believe, then on to strange & isolated places in my car I hope, perhaps Sulilail to try & meet some Rasheed qabilah (tribe) ( the famous tribe who knew the sands of the Rub AlKhayliyat like no other people in Arabia)

Anyway here it is, as promised, forgive the seperate links as for some reason I’ve lost the ability to hyperlink words from within blogger (& helas! the formatting has been also lost!)

A meeting with the remarkable Tim Winter otherwise known as************** Sh Abdal-Hakim Murad******************

It was the 2nd time now, by the Grace of God, I’d been granted some precious time with this most erudite of English Brothers and I use a big B for a reason, last minute too, for there are few to have the ear of this secular Island nation via the BBC and as a Anglo Muslim (the other no doubt being the redoubtable Sh Hamza Yusuf ).

I’d been in Cambridge just a few days earlier visiting the happy house of my gifted friend Dr Matthew Cooper and family & had shot off an email to the esteemed Sheikh while there, to see if he had time:

Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 22:42:48 +0000
Subject: Fwd: cascading monisms

Dear Sheikh Tim,

May The Peace, Grace & Blessings of God Be Upon Thee!

this is Mahdi(Matthew), the Australian brother who came to see you last year….

Hope you’re healthy & fighting fit………..back from Saudi for my holiday, again I’m heading to Cambridge to seefriends and would be delighted if I could invite you for a coffee orlunch while I’m there ( fadl fadl!….you did say keep in touch!) as I’d also like to discuss the possibility of arranging a visit for you, to
Australia sometime, to inspire & inform the far flung brothers & sisters (and non Muslims!) over there…inshallah….

I was surprised to see that you were interviewed
on ABC Radio, earlier in the year, there is a journalist interested in
Islam for Radio National, he obviously knows of you

It would be great to crack that open a little more

I’m leaving for NYork then on to Aus on Wednesday, hope to
catch you before then Godwilling
Big Salams


Although it was the weekend, I trusted in God (Exalted Be He!) and while I’d heard nothing, the next day after my return to London, I received a prompt reply the Monday morning he’d arrived to his office:

Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 09:07:39 +0000

Dear Mahdi.

And upon you too. I’m sorry to have missed you on Saturday. I try to fast
from emails over the weekend. But perhaps you could come by en route to
Australia? What a gift it is to be young.

With salams and best wishes,

Abdal Hakim

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