Cultural Hegemony

According to Antonio Gramsci:  hegemony is the permeation throughout society of an entire system of values, attitudes, beliefs and morality that has the effect of supporting the status quo in power relations. Hegemony in this sense might be defined as an ‘organising principle’ that is diffused by the process of socialisation into every area of daily life. To the extent that this prevailing consciousness is internalised by the population it becomes part of what is generally called ‘common sense’ so that the philosophy, culture and morality of the ruling elite comes to appear as the natural order of things.

His understanding is very applicable to the situation in Pakistan. We are faced with a situation where we have to choose our leaders from a posse of crooks. We, the masses, are under the influence of this hegemonic system where instead of working for things that benefit us, (education, health care, freedom and justice) we have become engrossed in trivialities … such as being entertained all day by bollywood, running after loose change so we can buy our little toys so we can look more like our elite who are imitating the west, anyways.

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