Aangan Tehra ..

Some time ago I accidently came upon the old Pakistani Drama Aangan Tehra.

For all those who have grown up like me in the 1980s this drama is a very integral part of our popular imagination. We may not admit it but the characters of this drama are part of our subconscious and shape our perspective on life … in the modern era of mass media we have been bombarded with so many other alternate understandings of life, these exposures work to crowd out, at times, what we have learnt in our early childhood.

For those who have watched this drama as a child and those who have not I strongly recommend it.  I recommend this play for many reasons, first of all, many of us have failed to appreciate good humor; our humor is so crass that we can only laugh at vulgar jokes or stupidities of the Pakistani stage humor. Both are morally bankrupt, in the former case our jokes are racist and sexist and in the latter they are primarily aimed at personal insults: your momma and you are so fat and you are so black etc. I think as human beings we have an immense ability to develop good taste and unless we do that we will not be able to respect fellow citizens.

Secondly, the drama is a tribute to the joy of life despite of constricting economic conditions. The protagonist has scruples and has lived by them, and therefore is very comfortable with his own identity, devoid of inferiority complexes.

I can go on and on about this play but I would love comments from people who have seen this drama … 


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One Response to Aangan Tehra ..

  1. ali miah says:

    i agree. i watch this drama when ever Karachi comes to mind. it shows one can be upbeat no matter what the economical, political, and social weather is like.

    you can watch this drama on youtube. type: Aangan Tehra

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