Taare Zameen Par

This post got the most views, I guess because people search for this item the most.

So I shall revise what i have written.

I loved the movie .. I even have made a promise to myself that I am going to get crayons and stuff and start drawing things, like I used to when i was a little kid.

I often think about the appeal of certain themes that are visible in drawings by children from all over the world. Without exception all of us as kids made pictures of mountains and rivers flowing through them, smiley faced suns and moons, small huts, fish, stars, trees and the like. Even when we live in crowded cities distanced from the natural environment but still as children we were fascinated by the natural world.

As we grow up this tendency dies away and with our childhood we loose these symbols and very soon we are alienated from our natural environment. The world is an oranic whole and Allah made it as a sign, but how will we read these signs when we live in an artificial man made environment. No wonder athiesm is picking up.

What has all of the above to do with the movie? Well, one of the message of the movie is that we should alwasy be childlike .. not childish but childlike … and I think it is a very good message. Like children, for us the most beautiful experience should come for free from the amazing world Allah has made for us.

If you have kids in your family tell them stories, play hide and seek, draw with them, and spend nights lying on your back counting stars ….. give them time, so they become wholesome individuals …

Nuff said.

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The choice is clearly between living a life for yourself, which will give you nothing, but envy; and a life of helping others, it will give you everything.

Ishan’s father is a typical Pakistani father, who is obsessed with the status game and at times looks pathetic in this pointless project. We need to realize that our father’s generation is the sorriest generation. They suffer from a serious inferiority complex, primarily based on material haves and have nots. Our grandfathers and grandmothers were greater human beings, more confident and more at ease with themselves. Talk to your grandfathers they have a lot of wisdom. Do not let that wisdom go to waste! They were able to understand life better than our father’s. They lived through tougher times, but emerged stronger human beings.

I am not proposing disrespect towards your parents but with love and kindness help them see where they have gone wrong and make them understand why you cannot follow.

Be people with ambition beyond your own self.


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