Why now?

I have a very vague idea, and if I try to expain I might be able to convey a vaguish idea, hmmmm .. Methinks Iqbal will come in handy here:

Teri dua hai ke ho teri Aarzoo poori
Meri dua hai teri Aarzoo badle jaye

I will try my hand at translating this (I am really bad at this):

You pray for the fulfillment of your desires

I pray that your desires are transformed

So, I pray for what Iqbal prayed for and as he says, dil say jo baat nikaltee hai assar rakhti hai … being an optimist, I will repeat this prayer until my heart lends it sincerity and gives it the metaphorical wings to rise to the Highest court.

The blog is about this metamorphoses of desires; so I shall describe (objectively) the caterpillar and (passionately) the beauty of the butterfly. Yes, I will be biased. Who is not? And admitting to the fact is the best I can do, I can never transcend my own prejudices.

And Allah gives taufiq’

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