Is our land the land of the pure .. or is it land of the pure, No More

I will write about the land of the pure. I hold that this name is as valid today as it was fifty years ago. Critics will object to my claim, they will say look at the current situation of this land!! Most of us have very short term memories and our judgments are based on our short term memories; what makes matters worse is that most people are also incapable of imagining a long term future.

I will urge my audience to look beyond the immediate, transcend the depressing limitations of the present or rather look at the present with a new orientation – an orientation nurtured by an inspired reading of the past and a courageous hope in the future.

Hope is our only hope.

As a very noble man once said, “words have the ability to change hearts” – but not words of ordinary people, but words of people whom Allah decides to give success. With His grace he grants some words this magical transformative power and these words make all the difference.

And I dare to dream. And so I write about all the good that has been made invisible. Once we stop appreciating the good we have, we will loose what we have, but once we start appreciating it, it increases manyfold with the grace of God.



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